I love writing about strong female characters who team up with equally gutsy men to take on a major global threat. My goal is to take you out of your world and transport you into another for a few hours of pure escapism.

Catalina Syrah and Nicholas Bonhomme are the key players in my first [but not last] boxed set, Catalina & Bonhomme International Spy Series.

When you read the third novel in the series, She Rides with Genghis Khan, you'll discover that Catalina possesses many of the same  attributes of Indiana Jones. She carries small-of-the-back knives rather than a whip, is a 21st century scholar in art history, and works for the CIA--but would rather be teaching at a well known university near San Francisco.

I love my characters and cannot let them go--so you'll be seeing more of them--soon.


Travel plays a critical role in writing my novels. It piques my interest and inspires me. I begin to see my characters--how they walk, talk, and dress--all around me. I tour famous sites and simple inns. Most of all I listen to  stories that  people eagerly share.

In the slide show (above) you'll see pictures from Mongolia, China, San Francisco, France, Australia, Ireland, the Silk Road, and the US east and west coasts.

I always travel with a camera and never leave my notebook at home.  Inspiration is everywhere!


"I did not tell you half of what I saw, for no one would have believed me."  Marco Polo

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Pamela Boles Eglinski, author